ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth Treatment*

Thermi is the non-surgical solution for tightening and rejuvenating skin while providing you the results you've been looking for. Dr. Roberts is currently providing ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth treatments at discounted rates.

ThermiSmooth Skin Treatment For Your Face

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that tightens loose skin on your face. ThermiSmooth is gentle and requires no downtime after treatments.

ThermiSmooth Pricing

$125 per treatment with 4 -6 treatments per area.

  • Area 1: Bilateral Periorbital (around both eyes)
  • Area 2: Perioral (around the mouth)
  • Area 3: Bilateral Cheeks (both Cheeks)
  • Area 4: Forehead
If you purchase multiple areas of the face
  • All 4 areas: $400 per treatment
  • 3 areas: $300 per treatment
  • 2 areas: $200 per treatment

If you suffer from certain problems such as incontinence, vaginal dryness, low libido or have no sexual desire then ThermiVA could be the solution for you. ThermiVa is non-surgical is designed to provide labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation and give you the result you need.

ThermiVa Pricing
  • ThermiVa at $395 for 1st treatment and $250 each for the last 2 treatments
  •  1 year repeat ThermiVa $395 (maintenance)

Refer A Friend Discounts

If you refer a friend and they purchase a treatment, you will receive $50 off of your next treatment!