Pelvic Floor Therapy

Non-surgical pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation

This therapy involves a pain-free electrical stimulation treatment to the pelvic floor muscles. This treatment is followed by a specific, patient independent pelvic floor muscle exercise program that can be performed while the patient is in the privacy of their own home or can even be performed in public as the exercises are discreet.

Your Body’s Core Functions

The pelvic floor is made of muscles that physically support your internal organs and control essential functions such as urination, bowel movements and sexual relations. The lack of conscious control of these muscles can be influenced by aging, childbirth, stress, trauma, nerve damage, and a number of metabolic conditions. Like physical therapy for your pelvis, rehabilitation of the pelvic floor is a remarkable alternative to surgery. With a simple, painless, electrical stimulation treatment followed by a personalized exercise program, this treatment can help to restore you to normal bowel and bladder control.

Pelvic Floor Therapy can be used to treat...
  • Urinary Incontinence – loss of bladder control, bladder leakage
  • Overactive Bladder – frequent urination
  • Urinary Retention - incomplete bladder emptying
  • Fecal Incontinence – loss of bowel control, bowel leakage

Read details of the process of Pelvic Floor Therapy and what to expect with this treatment by downloading this PDF.

One Physician, Many Specialties

Christopher Roberts, MD specializes in clinical treatment of the pelvic region, including muscles, organs and the reproductive system. As the areas only Board Certified Urogynecologist, Dr. Chris Roberts is one of few physicians in the country that are experienced in the specialties of female urology and gynecology.

The overlap of these medical branches allows Dr. Chris Roberts to diagnose and treat patients for urinary tract and bowel dysfunctions, conditions of the female reproductive system, and address imbalances within the endocrine system.

You can obtain a holistic exam and confer with one physician about all your concerns, rather than needing referrals to several different specialists. You can expect your visit to be respectful, gentle and informative.

Our mission is to help you feel good and find long-term solutions for disease and discomfort without surgery or medicine. With some cases, surgery or prescribed medicine will be recommended, however we take every possible step to find more gentle and natural ways of restoring balance to your body.*