IV Therapy

Here at Customized Relief, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to stay in front of health conditions simply with diet, exercise, and oral supplementation. Also, if health conditions occur abruptly, we often need a “Quick Boost” to charge our system. IV therapy could be just the answer for both of these problems, and we have a wide array of options to offer.


Supportive Care

We will offer supportive care with specific recommendations to amplify the impact of these IV treatments in your care. We will discuss specific dietary recommendations that will personalize a plan to bring you to your peak level of performance.

IV Blends

“Get Up & Go”

This IV blend contains vitamins, specific amino acids and carnitine which all support a fuel boost to the energy producing mitochondria of your cells. This treatment can be just what the doctor ordered for a big presentation at work, a big test at school or a replenishment of an empty fuel tank after a hard day’s work.


This IV blend contains vitamins and supplements that can help with cognitive issues. It may help with mental fatigue, brain fog, poor focus, poor memory, and some mood disorders. It also pairs well with “Get Up & Go” described above to boost energy to the brain.


This IV blend is perfect for the fall and winter months when “cold and flu” season begins. This IV therapy can be used as prevention but can also be a boost when the first symptoms of a cold or flu develop. This blend includes vitamin C, zinc, and a mixture of B vitamins.


This IV blend is for general maintenance of normal cellular function. It is comprised of a mixture of vitamin C, a blend of B vitamins, and certain key minerals.

“Recovery & Performance”

This IV blend is great for athletes or for those working at jobs that require hard manual labor. This mixture provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for quicker recovery and a performance boost.