Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine combines the proven scientific methods of treatment and diagnosis with a holistic approach of wellness that includes nutrition, metabolism, hormones, and other subtleties that have a dramatic influence on our energy, health and well being.

Dr. Chris Roberts sees this approach to medical treatment as an essential component of women's health services and adjusting to aging.

Hormonal Therapy has advanced tremendously and there is a greater ability to mitigate the risks of hormone replacement therapy. With bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy (BHRT) we can monitor how the body metabolizes hormones and this knowledge, along with a review of genetic predisposing factors (through genetics testing), can help us to significantly reduce, or even potentially remove the risks of hormone replacement therapy while enjoying all of the many benefits that BHRT has for women’s health.*


Hormone Replacement Therapy


Urinary & Bowel Incontinence

Dr. Christopher Roberts specializes in non-medicinal and non-surgical treatment options for incontinence and bladder issues. Dr. Chris Roberts is the only Board Certified Urogynecologist in this region.

With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Chris Roberts leverages his expertise to provide therapeutic relief for patients while avoiding the potential risks of surgery.


Pelvic Muscle Therapy

The pelvic region is commonly referred to as the core of your lower body, and that is true in many ways. Many popular exercises address the body core as the abs, obliques, lats and glutes – these are the external muscles of the core.

The pelvic floor is the internal core that provides support to organs in the pelvis but also controls bodily functions including providing continence for the bowel and bladder.

The epidemic of chronic disease is increasingly affecting women and when the root cause of the disease cannot be identified, symptoms worsen with age. If you have unwavering ailments, chances are you are the strongest advocate for finding relief and rebalance. You are not alone.

You need a physician who will commit to progressive treatments that are customized for your particular metabolism, your blood chemistry and your optimal hormonal balance. Our goal is to help you finally feel regulated and balanced.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Disease and Aging