Nutritional Deficiencies

Dr. Christopher Roberts can help you restore your health and avoid future health problems by employing a series of nutritional deficiency tests and integrative medicine care solutions. Contact our Missouri clinic online, in person or by calling 417-622-0911 to learn more or to schedule your appointment!

Customized Relief partners with Regenr8, which offers an epigenetic biomarker profile (EBP) urine test that measures for vitamin, amino acid, fatty acid, and organic acid deficiencies, along with antioxidant status. Regenr8 has formulated Optim8, a dehydrated vegetable powder that can be mixed into a shake and has a patient's specific deficiencies filled in a personalized monthly product. This can help patients reduce their supplementation costs as they'll no longer have to take nutrients they're not deficient in. This program also gives our clinic the ability to see into patients' cells and develop a more personalized plan of care.

When it comes to ensuring you're meeting daily requirements for nutrients, it can be easier said than done. Keeping one's body running at peak capacity requires proper fuel in the way of macro-nutrients such as healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbs, which by the way, are not those multi-colored chips made to mimic vegetables no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise. Additionally, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, also play a crucial role in ensuring overall health and an optimized immune system.

It is possible to have a diet primarily of whole foods (minimally processed foods) and have a nutritional deficiency (malnutrition). "How does that happen?" you may be wondering. There are a variety of reasons malnutrition occurs. These causes range from clinical to lifestyle in nature.

They include aging, pre-existing medical conditions, restrictive diets (vegetarian, keto, etc.) women of child-bearing age, and of course, poor nutrient absorption.

Do I Have a Nutritional Deficiency?

Although there are signs that point to nutritional deficits, knowing if you have a deficiency, is not cut and dry. Unfortunately, symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, weight loss, and pale or yellow-tinged skin, as well as bone pain, hair loss, and irregular heart-beat are all signs of malnutrition, but also signal to other serious medical conditions as well.

Fortunately, an appointment with a functional medicine physician, a doctor specializing in identifying and treating root causes, not just symptoms, can provide you with a definitive answer regarding if your nutrient levels are adequate to sustain normal function. More importantly, they will create a plan to support you in re-establishing healthy levels if you are found to be nutrient deficient.

Given that cold and flu season are on our heels, and optimal nutrition absorption is critical to immune function, now is the ideal time to get tested. Customized Relief provides an integrative approach to medicine, and can support you in establishing a health and wellness plan specific to your individual needs and not a one size fits all prescription. Call Customized Relief and schedule your nutrient deficiency test today!