Genetics Testing

Genetics TestingDr. Christopher H. Roberts is a functional medicine doctor based in Joplin, Missouri who provides genetics testing – along with an epigenetics urine testing – to help patients identify cellular deficiencies. Dr. Roberts and his team will also help you and your family make the best decisions about genetic testing and help you understand your results. To learn more about our clinic or to schedule an appointment, please contact us online, in person or by calling 417-622-0911. We look forward to hearing from you!

The conversation of genetics has found its way into pop culture vernacular. Muscle-bound men and fit women speak about it related to weight loss, and magazines such as Self and AARP discuss its impact on wrinkles, cellulite, hair loss, and memory. Let's face it, the conversation of genetics in everyday life is here to stay no matter one's age, as it is literally an individualized human roadmap at a cellular level.

For some, the road is smooth and easy. Yet, for others, it can be a bit more treacherous to navigate, pointing to risk factors resulting in disease. However, genetic testing, a medical test that can identify abnormalities and DNA changes according to the National Institute of Health (n.d.), can help identify risks before they become a problem. More importantly, genetic testing can inform on how to minimize or side-step potential health challenges altogether.

Navigating Your Genetic Road Map to Health

The diagnosis of a medical condition may come as a surprise for many, and as a result, outcomes can be potentially devastating. Not only from a health perspective, obviously, but from an emotional, financial, and social aspect as well, depending on the ailment. However, partnering with a functional medicine physician, a doctor specializing in root causes of a condition versus treating the symptoms, can help you manage risk factors via genetic testing, for which there is a genetic predisposition.

To some, genetic testing may sound a bit complicated. However, it's as simple as a cheek swab, and here's what you need to know:

  1. Genetic testing is not a catchall test. There are different genetic tests available, and based on family history, a functional medicine physician will decide which test is most beneficial for you.
  2. Even if you are a carrier of a gene linked to a health condition, it doesn't mean you will end up sick. Think of it this way, a person who has DNA for green eyes may not have green eyes. The same logic holds true for disease.
  3. Genetic testing is more widely available today than 10 years ago, and due to newer processes, the cost of testing is more affordable than ever before.
  4. Upon results of your genetic test(s) our team will collaborate with you to create a game plan to ensure optimal health today and as you age.


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