Elevated Cholesterol

Dr. Christopher H. Roberts is a functional medicine doctor based in Joplin, Missouri providing cholesterol testing and physiological assessments focused on addressing risk factors and root cause analysis for elevated cholesterol. Dr. Roberts and his team will also help you make the best decisions about managing your risks, as well as treating active elevated cholesterol. To learn more about our clinic or to schedule an appointment, please contact us online, in person, or by calling 417-622-0911. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waiting for lab results from your annual physical sometimes can feel like you're waiting to see if you made the team. Especially if you put in the work to make sure your numbers are where they should be. Unfortunately, doing the right thing may not always guarantee you an ideal lab value when it comes to your cholesterol. Hearing those four words, "you have high cholesterol," especially when you've worked so hard, can leave one "fit to be tied."

Cholesterol – a waxy, fat-like substance – is naturally produced in the body and supports physiological function, including hormone and vitamin D production. It aids in the digestion process as well. However, when there is an excess of cholesterol, a host of problems can ensue such as increased risks for heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Unsurprisingly, smokers, obese and sedentary people are at an increased risk for elevated cholesterol. However, so are perceivably healthy people, and those risks increase for people who may have a genetic predisposition (despite their age). It’is imperative to understand the reason behind an elevated cholesterol diagnosis versus telling a patient the stock traditional medicine response of "well, your cholesterol is high. I'm going to write a prescription."

Very rarely in traditional medicine does an in-depth assessment occur to understand a patient's history, habits, and unique make-up and correlate those findings to how it relates to a high cholesterol diagnosis. A closer look may uncover the missing links between Point A and Point B to identify the actual cause for elevated cholesterol, and more importantly, provide the answer to what's required to restore the body's natural balance aside from a life-long prescription.

Functional medicine assesses the root cause behind such a diagnosis and treats the cause, not the symptom, to ensure your proper physiological function. There are many reasons a high cholesterol diagnosis may exist; although, the most common following drinking, smoking, and age are outlined below.

Five Conditions Functional Medicine Can Address to Help Lower Your Cholesterol:

  • Systemic inflammation
  • Insufficient Diet
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease

Our clinic offers advanced testing via Boston Heart Diagnostics, an organization that is changing the treatment of cardiovascular disease and associated conditions with novel diagnostics, reports and a tailored solutions that can alter the way healthcare professionals and patients address heart health.

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