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Christopher H. Roberts, MD

Do you have symptoms that make you feel unbalanced, unhealthy or not in control of your body? Have you been to your doctor so many times you've lost count and have yet to get any answers to help you feel better? Are you faced with making the decision to have a risky surgery that does not guarantee relief?

These may seem like vague questions, but the reality is that millions of women suffer from symptoms that don't get diagnosed properly and they live their life wondering if there is a better way.

Are you one of these women?

Dr. Roberts of Customized Relief provides an integrative wellness approach to women's health by combining his training as a board certified specialist in Urogynecology along with his training in Functional Metabolic Medicine. His experience provides a comprehensive look at the many influences of women's health which creates a better understanding of how your body metabolizes and changes as you age.*

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Experience personalized, precision healthcare!


Integrative Medicine
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Disease and Aging

Comprehensive & Individualized Functional Medicine

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Stop in for your consultation, and we will go over your medical history, symptoms and goals for optimal health. Our team will provide a personalized treatment plan by first observing all factors that might be affecting your health. All of the decisions we make in life have an effect on our body, including what foods we eat along with other lifestyle choices. These decisions have a significant influence on our well-being, and a holistic functional medicine approach enables us to keep our health in check to live a more fulfilling life.

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Functional Medicine refers to a modern approach that aims to pinpoint and focus on the root causes of health conditions. It regards the human body as one unified system. Using the information we gather during your appointment and potential lab work or tests, we will create an exclusive treatment strategy that treats the root cause of your health issues. We treat all of our patients with an individualized approach that takes their health choices into account.

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Our goal is to maintain your health by treating issues before they become major problems. Ask our team about our women's and men's health and wellness initiatives. To learn more or to schedule and appointment, don't hesitate to contact our clinic online, by phone or in person. With a strong plan of action and a team of professionals ready to help you, you’ll be prepared to take control of your health. Call us now - you have the chance to enhance all areas of your life!