Did you know?

Below you will find some trivia facts about various health conditions as well as some simple recommendations for supplements to help with your health problems. Have fun and get educated!

Estrogen in Menopausal Women

…that estrogen used in women who are menopausal:  improves sleep, lowers heart attack risk (by 50%), lowers the risk for…

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Estrogen and Bone Loss

…that estrogen reduces the rate of bone loss in women over time following menopause, that progesterone causes bone that has…

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…that chasteberry extract and the other herbal ingredients found in “PMS soothe” from Xymogen are a natural alternative for reducing…

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BPA Exposure

…that exposure to BPA found in plastics can lead to: recurrent miscarriage, precancerous changes in the uterus, polycystic ovarian disease…

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4-OH Estrogen

…that a specific metabolite of estrogen is more predictive of breast cancer risk than is the presence of the genetic…

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Evening Primrose

…that Evening Primrose can help to resolve PMS by reducing inflammation in blood vessels? Evening primrose also improves the effects…

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