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Dr. Christopher H. Roberts, MD

Do you have symptoms that make you feel unbalanced, unhealthy or not in control of your body? Have you been to your doctor so many times you've lost count and have yet to get any answers to help you feel better? Are you faced with making the decision to have a risky surgery that does not guarantee relief?

These may seem like vague questions, but the reality is that millions of women suffer from symptoms that don't get diagnosed properly and they live their life wondering if there is a better way.

Are you one of these women?

Dr. Christopher H. Roberts of Customized Relief provides an integrative wellness approach to women's health by combining his training as a board certified specialist in Urogynecology along with his training in Functional Metabolic Medicine. His experience provides a comprehensive look at the many influences of women's health which creates a better understanding of how your body metabolizes and changes as you age.*

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Experience personalized, precision healthcare!


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